Light for Wellbeing.

Derived from Nature.

Bringing natural light indoors to transform spaces with beautiful light and clear skies.

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LC Light Cognitive

LC's products are the most versatile human-centric lighting products available for cruise ships. They can be used e.g. in cabins, shops, restaurants, spas, corridors, elevators, bathrooms, offices and galleys to give the sense of outdoor light indoors to totally transform spaces.

Flexible design

LC can be installed horizontally on the wall or installed in the ceiling. LC comes with thin construction compared to many other products.

Dynamic - from dawn to dusk

LC reproduces natural light to create the most advanced full-spectrum luminaire that mimics the sky in all its hues, from dawn to dusk. 

Key Benefits

In addition to providing architectural, modern impression lighting that feels like natural light, such as LC can improve productivity, cognitive performance, sleeping quality and mood. Natural lighting conditions have shown to increase sales in cafes, restaurants and stores.

We receive continuously very positive feedback about LC lighting from spa customers and our employees. We couldn’t imagine the space without our beautiful light wall!” 


Head of Wellbeing Experiences  at Hotel St. George
Helsinki - Finland

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